This month’s project had been designed by Kate Bruning of Greedy For Colour and the pattern is genius!

All of us at Little box of Crochet have been in love with Mexican artist Frida Kahlo’s work for years, and we knew that we needed to do a Frida project at some point. Kate agreed with us so here we are! We gave you all you needed to make a Frida Kahlo Cameo plus a beautiful Frida Brooch using the sweet flowers and leaves that are decorating the Frida Cameo. Kate’s pattern looks intricate, but you’ll be pleased to know it’s simple to make – it just takes time and patience.

The yarn used was Rico Essentials Cotton DK, which you can purchase fromĀ Black Sheep Wools. It’s a lovely firm cotton with a good sheen and minimal splittiness. Thank you to everyone at Black Sheep Wools for providing the yarn for Kate and I to work on our Frida’s! The Gold Yarn is called Starlight and is from Yeomans.


You can find the pattern for our Frida cameo in Amanda’s book, The Story So Far:

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