Right then, before I start this post properly, I need you to have some background so that you don’t loathe me (you may still loathe me, that is your absolute right) I need you to know my life was not always like this. Let me explain: I used to work in a big grey corporation. It was the sort of place where they had cubicles and a lot of hush and polyester shirts and whilst it was lovely (it wasn’t) it wasn’t very soul-nourishing. It did deliver me my husband (not literally, I didn’t work for Amazon) but it didn’t deliver much else in the way of fun. Apart from spreadsheets which I DO enjoy. It also definitely did NOT deliver a box of beautiful bamboo crochet hooks.

That’s what happened to me recently you see. Here’s what I found when I opened it…

Shortly thereafter, my boss – let’s call her Amanda because that is her name and you know who she is – phoned me and here is an approximation of that conversation:

Me: “Amanda I’ve got a lovely box of beautiful hooks and things here, what’s that for?”

Amanda: “Oh yes I’ve sent them to you from Kinki Amibari “

Me: “Really? What should I do with them?”

Amanda: “well…..they’re for you…..to..try..you know, crocheting and things”

Me: “Oh I see, ok well I’ll pick a size and I don’t want to open all of them do I?”

Amanda: “No, they’re yours Moo”

Me: “Pardon?”

Amanda: “They’re for you. To keep”

Me (silently weeping): “surely not the set too?”

Amanda (laughing): “yes, all of that is yours”

Aaaaaaand now you see what I mean about the loathing. (Quick reminder here that for 12 years I was not allowed to visit the toilet without written permission in triplicate…)

So there’s the background, let’s now have a little chat about the box of delights. Because that is what it is – an actual box of delights.

I do love crochet accessories, don’t you? I am always happy to try new tools and things and I cannot tell you how utterly lovely these Kinki Amibari hooks are. They are made in Japan from “the finest bamboo by the most skilled craftsmen” and I sort of feel a bit unworthy really! They are so tactile – they feel smooth and warm in the hand.

I have used both the aluminium and bamboo tips and I love them equally – truly! I wonder if perhaps I like the aluminium more when using cotton yarn? I don’t know for sure but if I had to scratch around for a differentiator then that’s all I can think of. Truthfully, you’d be hard-pressed not to love them. We love the sustainability of them – we have loved and do love our soft handled hooks but we’re trying very hard to be more mindful of using plastic and these hooks are an absolutely glorious alternative.

The set is so pretty, so SO pretty! I love it. It’s lightweight, nice and flat and compact so will travel well. There are extra spaces in the case for extra sizes if you need them although having 7 hooks included ranging in size from 2 – 6 mm you’ll probably have most projects covered.

I think I feel extra affection for these hooks as they remind me of the bobbins my mum used to use for lace making – they are turned beautifully.

We are super excited to be adding these hooks to our shop. We will also be putting one in the first larger box for you to try.

We’ll also have some extra little bits in that first box for you from Kinki Amibari but I’ll keep that as a surprise for now (because I love this job and don’t want Amanda to fire me for blabbing!)

For now, I’ll be bid you adieu and bravely go back to “work”. I hope you can forgive me. Remember, I used to be an ugly duckling: now I’m an older ugly duckling. With a better job.


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