Hello lovelies, Kitey here!

Welcome to the first of our FREE PATTERNS!

Each month or so, we will be adding a simple (and did I mention FREE?) pattern, featuring just a few stitches or some interesting yarn we’ve discovered, in our yarny travels here at Little Box of Crochet, so that you lovely lot can practice – if you’re just starting out – or share some crochet love with your friends – if they’re just starting out.

Zauberball Crazy, Meilenstein
Zauberball Crazy, colourway: ‘Meilenstein’

This month, I’m featuring Zauberball yarn by Schoppel Wolle. It’s technically sock yarn and is a lovely soft wool/nylon mix that, when crocheted with a 5mm hook, makes a lovely open weave scarf that is the perfect Autumn/Spring weight.

This pattern is written with UK terms and uses chain and triple (tr) stitches only.

You will need:

  • 5mm hook
  • 1 ball of Zauberball
  • 2 stitch markers (Optional, but I mark both sides of a scarf so that I don’t drop stitches and can keep the sides straight)


Start your scarf:

Row 1: ch 38, tr in the 3rd chain from the hook, tr in next 35 to end of the row (36)

Row 2: ch 2, tr in the same stitch, tr in next 35 to end of the row (36) .. and repeat until your yarn runs out! Fasten off when this happens.

And that’s it!

See, I told you it would be easy … and by the time you (or your novice friends) have completed this scarf you’ll be a tr pro! (And then tell them they also understand US dc now, just to confuse them a little)

Zauberball is available at many yarn outlets. I get mine every time (seriously, EVERY TIME!) I visit Loop in London – you can find them online here


Share your scarves on Instagram with the hashtag #easyzauberballscarf or send them to us here and we will share them on the site. Happy September!