Have you got your box yet?  If you haven’t, don’t worry you can either get one (link below) or you can live vicariously through this blog and watch as ours gets made!

We thought it would be a lovely idea to work our own Advent boxes alongside you – yes of course we’ve worked closely with Kate in putting this box together but we want to experience it as you are: by making each piece day by day.

As we work through the days, if we find that many of us encounter something tricky or find a mistake, we’ll address it here. We realise that many of you (us) won’t go through the boxes in order but we’re going to have to work through them in order for the blog as it makes most sense.  Even if normally we’d be flitting through those bags like we were in a feeding frenzy!

If we’ve not got to the day you’re working on as yet, or your query isn’t covered we’ll do our best to help, just email us at info@littleboxofcrochet.co.uk

We have put everything in the box you need but of course as we pack these things, very occasionally, we miss something! If you’re missing a bit, let us know via email info@littleboxofcrochet.co.uk

Update: black yarn:

Teeny oversight: a small length of black 099 used for the mouse and this cute wee robin’s eyes was left out of the box. We’re so sorry. A spare piece (approx. 50cm) of black yarn or embroidery thread is all you need. If you can’t find any in your craft stash, email info@littleboxofcrochet.co.uk and we’ll pop a little piece in the post to you.

Pattern Clarifications

Day 18 and 19 Toadstools

When you get to the end of round 7, take your stitch marker out (if you’re using one) and ignore the beginning points of the rounds!

Work rounds 8, 9 and 10 continuously – DO NOT BE CONCERNED WITH WHERE THE LAST STITCH FALLS!

Work all stitches of those rounds as written and you WILL end up with 5 stitches!

More info on this one on the blog for the day here

A note on the amount of yarn:

We have put sufficient yarn in the box to make the decorations as directed using the following tension:

For the cover*:
2.5mm hook, W 10 sts x H 10 rows in htr =W 4.5cm x H 3.5cm

For the rest of the items:
2.5mm hook, W 10 sts x H 10 rows in dc = W 4cm x H 4cm.

Pay special attention to your tension for the Day 10 cinnamon sticks otherwise you might run out of yarn.

If this tension is very different to yours there are 2 ways to look at it:

1. If you’re happy with it and you’re finding that you’ve got sufficient yarn, don’t worry!
2. If you’re finding you’re consistently running out of yarn, try using a 2mm hook which will naturally tighten your tension and mean you should have sufficient yarn.

Please note, if you are running out of yarn, we will ask you to check your tension before sending extra as we’ve been careful to ensure there is enough.

*Please see day 1 post for additional notes on tension relating to the wreath base cover.

We hope you’re enjoying your advent boxes already but if you’ve not got one yet, and the temptation proves too much, don’t worry, you can grab one by clicking here!

Enough waffle, let’s get to it with the hooks!