I made this one very soon after we sent the box out since we had 2 or 3 emails early on with concerns about the amount of yarn.  So to be clear: you do need to be careful with your tension on this one otherwise you might run out of yarn

Refer back to our tension info on the general information post here:

Advent General Info

But up front, there are a couple of things you can do if you find yourself coming up short on that last cinnamon stick:

  • Switch to a smaller hook: this will naturally tighten your tension
  • If you’d rather not go down a hook size, drop a couple of stitches off the length of the piece: if your tension is a bit looser, that means your sticks will be coming up a bit bigger so you can easily afford to drop 2 stitches off each row with no impact on the finished article

The construction of these is really straightforward and it’s a lovely quick one!

I used my 2.5mm hook for this one and was able to get all 6 sticks out of it with a bit to spare. That surprised me a bit since I feel that my tension is not as tight as it could be. Perhaps I’m becoming more aware of it?  Not sure!  I also left quite long tails on them because I wanted to use them to sew the edges down and keep them curled if necessary.  I also realised when I was trying out some blocking on them that I had made one extra row on the first one I made so I would have had more yarn left at the end if I’d not done that!

There’s not a great difference between my larger and smaller sticks.  The first smaller one I did looks a bit smaller, I think perhaps my tension relaxed as I worked them which isn’t uncommon.  You relax as you become familiar with the pattern you’re following.  Isn’t that interesting?

I sprayed my sticks with water and rolled them up as if I was making the world’s smallest swiss roll or – and here’s another good word to rival day 2’s ‘lepidopterist’ – was pretending to be an Itamae. Then I pinned them.

Teeny Swiss roll
Sushi rolls?

Moo curled-pinned-then-sprayed but also used the ends to just pop a couple of stitches in to keep them curled tight. My sticks stayed rolled up without the stitches.

To tie the up, I cut pieces of limestone about 40cms in length. Wrapped them around each pair 5 times and secured with a little double knot.

I really LOVE this day!

Top tip for today: tension, tension, tension!