I’ve been really looking forward to this day and starting all the chubby little fruits. Emma and I have divvied out making different wreath elements for this blog and I think I would have had to do some kung-fu or boxing on her if she’d said she was doing them!

I started the apples using the burgundy yarn from day 9 as there was lots left.

Our magic ring tutorial can be found here:

Magic Loop Tutorial Video

Don’t forget amigurumi is worked continuously. Using one of our stitch markers in the first stitch of each round will help you count your stitches and keep your place.

This style of crochet also benefits from crocheting tightly. You get a much neater finish and don’t run the risk of your stuffing peeking through. Cos no one wants that, do they?! Go down a hook size if your tension is loose.

By row 8, I see the shape of a little apple forming and it makes me so happy!

Row 9 onwards contains the decrease stitches needed to top half of the apple shape.


Once the apple is stuffed, that very last row simply closes the apple right up. I did 6 decrease stitches then fastened off the yarn, leaving a tail. I threaded the yarn onto the needle and wove it in and out of the remaining stitches. When I pulled the yarn tight, it gave me a nice neat finish at the top of my apple, although, of course, we’ll be plopping a stalk on the top there in a mo.

My apple was a little bit strawberry shaped but a good squish and roll about soon sorted that!

When making your stalk, make sure to leave a tail at the beginning and the end long enough to thread through the apple and knot:

Thread both ends onto your needle and insert through your newly closed top, right through the apple and back out the centre of your starting magic ring. Pulling those ends tightly gives the apple a sweet little indent at the top. Knot the two ends at the base of the apple. Leave teeny little tails to form the stamen.

I love these apples! I think Wilfie does too…

Wilf, loving life.