Goodness – the satsumas are cute!

This is another simple make, like the apples. Do follow the pattern though – it isn’t the same as the apple. The satsumas are a bit chubbier and squatter than the apples.

Here is our magic ring tutorial:

Magic Loop Technique Video

Don’t forget amigurumi is worked continuously. Using one of our stitch markers in the first stitch of each round will help you count your stitches and keep your place. Crochet tightly as with the apples for a neat finish. Go down a hook size if your tension is loose.

At row 6, I’m wondering when the satsuma shape will come. My work looks flatter than it did with the apple but – hey presto – from the decrease round 8 onwards, the shape really starts to emerge.

I stuff my orange and close the top with 6 decrease stitches and then by weaving the tail end in and out the remaining stitches, just as I did with the apples.

I decide to embroider my cross-stitch orange stalk on the bottom of my satsuma as my bottom is neater than the top (if only my bottom was neat in Real Life!). Pulling the cross-stitch tighter, gives your satsuma a little belly button indent:

I’m sorry but after yesterday, it was just too tempting…

Like a tiny man-bun.