So, I thought the apples and satsumas were cute but, goodness, behold the pear!

Here is our magic ring tutorial:

Magic Loop Tutorial Video

Once again, don’t forget amigurumi is worked continuously. Using one of our stitch markers in the first stitch of each round will help you count your stitches and keep your place. Crochet tightly as with the apples for a neat finish. Go down a hook size if your tension is loose.

This pattern is super straightforward just 5 rounds of simple increases to form the base of your pear and then decrease rounds to form the top.

I stuff the pear at the end of round 10: I have massive spade hands and there’s no way my sausage fingers will be able to stuff the pear after round 11!

Sausage fingers

I notice a typo in round 11 – it says to stuff your apple when, of course, we’re making a pear. Take a house point if you noticed it too!

When making your stalk, leave a tail at the beginning and the end long enough to thread through the pear and knot. Thread both tails onto your needle and insert the needle through your newly closed top, right through and back out the centre of your starting magic ring:

Knot the two ends at the base of the pear, pulling slightly to give a little indent. Leave tiny little tails to form the stamen. I fluffed the end up a little too.

My pear wasn’t as pear shaped as Kate’s so I gave it a good squish!

I now have an entire woolly fruit salad!