Ok I’ll admit, I thought the thistles were a tough act to follow but crikey these are something else!  They are so clever and so cute and blimey this wreath is shaping up to be spectacular at this point.

I do love a bit of back loop crochet, especially when worked in rows like this.  It reminds me of one of my earliest little box of crochet purchases: the fingerless mitts.  Do you remember those?

Remember these??? I posted this pic on my Instagram 4 years ago. Gulp.

Well that was my first experience of making rib with crochet and I marvelled at how effective it was back then (I had up until that point only been a knitter and assumed (wrongly obvs) that ribbed cuffs were in the exclusive remit of knitting).  So all of that leads me to tell you that the beginning of these little seed bods is how you make ribbing for cuffs etc – back loop crochet!  It’s quite, quite brilliant.

Anyway, back to the matter in hand: making these little pieces is an absolute joy as they are so easily made in such a short time.  12 rows of back loop only dc whizzes by in the blink of an eye and I’m at the point of performing the magic which will turn this little bit of flat crochet into something 3d and gorgeous

Flat, but not for long!

Here’s a couple of pics in case you can’t picture the construction…..

Using running stitch as a gathering tool is my new best friend and it turns my tube into a little tub in moments.

I reattach yarn and whizz round the edge with the dc & ss as instructed.  I think I manage one or two dc per row (ie, one or two made at the end of the row) but I don’t fuss with counting them as it doesn’t matter does it?


Again, I go overboard with the stuffing fluff but meh!


I finish up with another lovely drawstring running stitch and I can honestly say, in all my 567 years of crocheting, this is possibly one of my favourite things I’ve ever made!