First off: can we just take a moment for the yarn? I love Ricorumi gold yarn. Some of you may remember it from our October Beautiful Baskets box where it featured in many a French knot!

Secondly: the stars. Oh, the stars are glorious! I love a Christmas star. They’re making me feel so Christmassy that I’ve cracked out the Christmas songs to make these. I’m singing along with Kenny Rogers right now; “the Christmas star shines once a year!” Be thankful that there’s no audio on this post but I gift you this:

You’re welcome.

Our magic ring tutorial can be found here (but you must know that by now, eh?!):

Magic Loop Tutorial

The only tricky thing I found about making these stars is that the sparkle coming off the yarn can make it a bit difficult to see your stitches. Of course, that might just be my old lady eyesight again. I’d recommend working these in good light.

Each of your 5 star points is worked over 2 stitches. I’ve got my Apple pencil out again not because I think any of you will get stuck with these little sparkly delights – I just like using it!

My stars are quite curly when finished. Kate recommends blocking them and I’m definitely going to do that…