I’ve been desperate to make the mouse since I first spotted him peeking out from all the fruit and foliage in the sneak peek photos!  He’s so ridiculously cute. I’m naming him Bailey after my favourite thing about Christmas (hic!).

We’re starting at his snout end with a magic ring:

Magic Loop Technique Video

Keep your tension nice and tight for a neater mouse finish. If you’ve got sausage fingers and spade hands like me, those first few rounds will be a bit of a fiddle but it gets much easier after round 7.

Fiddly fingers.

Follow the rounds carefully – the increases and decreases needed to make Bailey’s mousey shape might not be where you think they are.

Bailey gets a good stuffing after round 14 as those sausage fingers won’t be fitting in there after round 15.

You can use the end of a crochet hook or pen to get that stuffing stuffed right in. I close-up Bailey’s bottom (sorry, Bailey) with 3 little decreases and weave my tail end in and out of those last stitches for neat finish.

Ears – leave a tail at each end of your chain long enough to knot together. Knotting those ends together tightly gives a cute mousey ear indent. Then fasten off one end, leaving the other to attach the ear to your mouse.

Tail: don’t forget to leave a yarn-tail so you can attach the tail-tail to your mouse bum.

French knot eyes: I find a small piece of scrap black yarn (you could also use embroidery thread) and sew 2 French knots to round 4 (approx. 3 stitches apart). If you got our lovely October LBC box you’ll be an absolute knot master. If you’re not, don’t be scared:

  1. Bring the yarn up through the mouse where you want the eye to be. Hold the yarn tightly and wrap it around your needle a couple of times:

Holding the yarn firmly with your left hand, reinsert the needle close to the point where it first emerged.

  1. Pull the yarn taut so the knot slides down the needle to touch the mouse, then release as the needle goes through the fabric leaving the knot on the surface.

I add Bailey’s ears about 2 rounds behind the eyes, securing them with a couple of little stitches and finally add a tail to finish.

Computer mouse.

I have a lot of the limestone left so might make Bailey some mousey pals: Sprout and Stilton (the second and third best things about Christmas).