So, assuming you’ve all been good girls and boys and worked this project in order, we’ve reached the last day of making our wreath elements. You’ve made almost 150 individual leaves, berries, stars, flowers…Well done, you! Today is all about the wreath centrepiece – I’m making our gorgeous bobbin’ robin. I shall name him Bob.

Your robin will look much better if you crochet tightly. If your tension is loose, I’d advise going down a hook size. The robin is worked continuously. Using one of your stitch markers in the first stitch of each round will help you count your stitches and keep your place:

Round 13:  we’ve had a query about the  ‘2 tr decrease’ instruction (the lady who raised it ended up with too many stitches at the end of the round). So just in case this is also vexing you, let’s clarify: You’re trebling 2 stitches together and then another 2 together so this instruction is worked over 4 stitches. As this ‘2 tr decrease’ then occurs again you will lose 4 stitches in total from this row. Mystery solved!

I started stuffing Bob at the end of row 18 for fear that I wouldn’t be able to stuff him by the next row (another shout out to my massive sausage fingers and hands like spades). If you have lovely slender lady fingers, you can leave it till row 19.

Bob is taking on an unfortunate shape:

What AM I making?!

I put a stitch marker in the first of the 5 dc that close the join. When I then had to re-join my yarn for Bob’s tail feathers, I joined in the marked stitch.

My robin’s tails feathers look a bit bedraggled so I’ll definitely follow Kate’s advice and block them. Spray starch will keep them looking sharp.

Chest and wings: I leave yarn tails when I fasten off for sewing on to my robin.

Beak: simple to follow but a tiny piece of crochet. My old lady eyesight does not thank me for trying to hook this in poor light. My beak looks a bit misshapen once I’ve rolled and sewed it up but the nature of that lovely sparkly yarn, allows me to manipulate it into a proper beak shape.

Tiny beak, massive fingers.

Making up the bird. I use some pins to decide where I want Bob’s wings, chest, beak and eyes to be so I’m happy with their placement before using those tails to sew them on. He looks like he’s having acupuncture!

I decide to just sew Bob’s wings at the top so they’re a bit flappy. I imagine all our robins will look a bit different – not just from Kate’s but from each others. I like the thought that they’ll all be unique.

Using a spare length of black yarn, I French knot some eyes. You could perhaps use small beads for the eyes if you have some spare.

Bob is finished. I loves him.