Next up are these gorgeous apple slices. I’m loving the little embroidered pips!

Here is our magic ring tutorial should you need it:

Magic Loop Technique Video

The pattern is the same as the orange slice (without that row 2 colour change) so this is really straightforward. I get to row 5 and my apple slice has stayed flat so I must be crocheting a bit looser than I did with the orange slice:

I joined the burgundy yarn with a slip stitch and crocheted round in the back loops only:

Back loop shown

Crocheting in the back loops makes the two rows look as though they’re sitting on top of one another. It forms a little ridge at the bottom that defines the line between your slice and your peel:

Pip yarn is in Day 23 bag. Just cut off the small amount you’ll need for the pips so as not to leave yourself short for the robin. I embroidered 2 long stitches over 2 rounds for each pip.

There was lots of Burgundy left – you may need a small amount of it to finish off the day 11 apples so keep it safe.