Well these are beautiful aren’t they?  I love the combination of “Old Pink” and “Gold” especially.

Once you get the hang of them, they don’t take long to make but I did trip up a bit so I’ll tell you about that shall I?

I fell almost at the first hurdle – those mysterious trebles!  I worked it out eventually but here’s what I know, in case you’re struggling!

(We’re at round 3 at this point) Once you’ve made the 2 ch, put your yarn round the hook and go back through the same stitch, follow the directions (that is to say, yarn round again, through 2 loops, yarn round, through 1 loop, then yarn round again and back through the same space again – so start another stitch.  You go through that again: yarn round again, through 2 loops, yarn round, through 1 loop then yarn round one final time and through all 3 loops.

I am not sure but I think what you’ve then made is an extended-treble-2-together.  But I may have dreamt that! You then yarn round, and pop the hook through the next stitch along and do the whole shebang again: finish off with 2 ch and a slip stitch in the same space.  You’ve created a squat little petal across 2 stitches that looks like this, not like the photo in the book.

It’s the addition of the dcs all the way around that give the petals that defined, pointed shape.  I’m becoming a big fan of this “outlining” technique.  I’ll file that away for when I become an internationally renowned crochet designer at some point in the future…

On the left: the flower before “outlining” and on the right, after “outlining”


A word on those dcs.  When you make the first one of 3 as you work up the first side of the petal, there’s no actual stitch to put it in. I sort of wedged mine AROUND the ch 2 that’s there. The next 2 dcs have stitches you can work and then once you’ve done that little picot bit, the next 2 dcs after that also have stitches you can work.  The last dc coming down the other side of the petal again has no particular stitch.  I used the “wedging it around a  2 ch” trick there as well.  Works fine.

Now on to the decoration.  Now then French Knots used to terrify me but thanks to the October Little Box of Crochet, I’m TOTES over it!  So much so that I free-styled and had a go at making more or less knots and making knots by wrapping it more or less times around the needle.  I settled on twice round the needle as my favourite.

Making the stamen in the middle was trial and error and actually I think I may add more loops in the centre to really make those stamen fluffy (as I type this I have 4 more centres to finish so I’m in the swing of trying things out).

Here’s a close up of those little loops before I snipped and fluffed them!

One thing I can tell you is that I used my needle to split the yarn of the stamen and give it that fluffy look.

All in, another absolutely lovely day to make, I adore these!