A BIG favourite here and – I think – with a lot of you dear readers too.

I adore these and they are teeny weeny and, I admit it, a challenge for my previously-mentioned goalkeeper hands but I don’t mind that.

I wanted to let you know that they start off really in a very straightforward and not altogether unfamiliar way and all is without incident until I get to the end of round 7….then I just can’t make them work.  There is a SUPER SIMPLE explanation to this, given by Kate herself:

The last rounds aren’t actually governed really in rounds as the first 7 have been but are in fact worked in one continuous spiral.  My advice therefore is this: remove the stitch marker (if you’re using one) when you get to the end of round 7, follow the instructions exactly as they are written and don’t get hung up on where the last stitch of each “round” falls.  I assure you if you do that, you will get to the end of round 10 with 5 stitches.

End of Round 8


End of Round 9


End of Round 10

Oh another note here, I actually stuffed mine a bit earlier as they do end up with a very small opening to be able to stuff if you’ve got sausagey fingers like me.  Great news on this: we’ve moved on from the thistles and this time I have a chop stick to help with that bit!

Once you’re down to 5 sts and ready to start the stalk part (rounds 11-14) you have my fullest permission to go back to stitch marker usage.

Once that’s done – and actually it’s not too fiddly, just turn the toadstool with every stitch and it’s fine – it’s time to go nuts with the french knots.

Voila! (Get it?  FRENCH knots??)  All good, all gorgeous, 6 more to go!