Oh this is LOVELY!

I love the little shape and the construction is nice and straightforward – especially with all the slip stitching into chains we practiced yesterday!

I’ve gone straight to a 2mm hook for the leaves, just because I think that this is working better for me – my own tension is, I realise, used to making larger, drapier things and until I can tighten up the tension myself, I think a 2mm hook will do it easily for me.

Tips: when you work around the outer tips of the leaves, that’s where you need to put a couple of extra slip stitches, if you don’t, the edges will pull in a bit.  This piece is not in any way dependent on stitch count by the time you get to this part, so make enough slip stitches that you have turned around the end of that leaf and not pulled it in at all.

The Apple Pencil is back.

Also, when you finish the first part of the 2nd leaf (that’s the tr, htr and dc bit) don’t fret too much about where that second slip stitch (to start travelling down the stem) goes.  You’ll find where It works best and as long as you move to the point of being able to work down the stem, that’s all good.  That little junction gets hidden by a berry anyway!


The berries are super easy and take no time at all. Make sure you leave a tail at each end long enough to knot together. Mine looked a bit flat and not very berry like till I squished them into shape. It’s at this point that Moo may have mentioned something about rolling them like bogies. I think we’ll gloss over that and suggest you imagine you’re rolling tiny pieces of Plasticine. That’s a nicer image, isn’t it?!

Flat berry, wrinkly hand

I used those ends to attach the bogies, I mean berries, to the leaves.

Now I just have to find someone to kiss under that mistletoe…

Wilf, LBC Brand Ambassador