I’ve heard whispers that some of our wreath makers have plans to attach the battery pouch to the front of their wreaths as a little stage for the mouse! That’s quite a cute idea, isn’t it? I’m going to attach mine to the back of my wreath though. My mouse, Bailey, is quite shy and just wants to peek out from all that foliage we made waaaaaay back in those early days of the advent box.

The pouch is a real easy make. Just rows of htrs. The only thing you might want to check is that you don’t miss the very last stitch of each row – its easily done. I use a stitch marker in the first htr of each row so that when you crochet back along, you can spot it easily:

Don’t miss that little stitch!

Or you could ch2 instead of ch1 at the end of each row of htrs. It’ll lift that first htr up a smidge and make it easier to spot but you won’t have such a sharp edge to your crochet. This might not matter to you if it’s going on the back of course. Whatever works for you. Just don’t miss that last stitch or you’ll end up crocheting your battery pouch a lovely triangular shawl.

Fold your piece of crochet in half and dc down each side:

Kate’s battery pouch looks taller than it is wide in the pattern book but mine is wider than it is tall. That’s fine by me – it’ll be easier to hide it behind the wreath that way. Of course when the wreath is finished it’ll be simply overflowing with all those leaves and stars and flowers…

I’m hot-glue-gunning all those elements to my wreath but I’m going to sew the pouch to the back. I’m a trigger-happy liability with that glue gun and I don’t want to stick the two sides of my pouch together and not be able to get the battery pack in!

And with that, the very last piece of crochet for our advent wreath is done. We’re going to do one more blog post – on assembling all your elements – and then we can’t wait to start seeing and sharing photos of your completed wreaths on our social media pages.