Whether you decide to assemble your wreath day-by-day or leave it till the end when you’ve finished all the elements, this really is the fun part of our wreath project!

I chose to assemble my wreath once I’d made all the elements. I blocked as I went along though, using spray starch (as recommended by wreath designer, Kate) that I’d found in the supermarket laundry aisle. I pinned them to a piece of old foam, sprayed with starch and left them to dry:

You can sew those elements on to the wreath base or – my choice – get out the glue gun and get sticky! Kate mentions in the tips section of the pattern booklet that she prefers using a glue gun for her wreaths as it allows for sticking elements at an angle and thereby creating more 3D texture:

Look at all that fab 3D-ness!

Whichever method you choose, I’d recommend laying out or pinning your pieces to the wreath at each stage to make sure you’re happy with your layout. If you use a glue gun its particularly hard to undo anything you’re not happy with!

I got a little bit over-confident when it came to gluing on my foliage and didn’t pay the greatest attention to how far out on the outer ring Kate had placed much of her foliage. As I continued to assemble, a lot of my leaves became almost entirely covered. Don’t get me wrong, I’m super-proud of my finished wreath (I can’t believe I made something so beautiful!), but if Father Christmas had left me a time-travel machine instead of an Instant Pot, I might just nip back in time and follow Kate’s foliage layout more closely. I’ve almost entirely lose sight of my first few days of advent crocheting!

I followed the order Kate has suggested for attaching the foliage and subsequent elements although I did a go a little off-piste with where I placed some of those pieces. But even if you follow Kate’s order and placement to the letter, I promise your wreath will still be uniquely yours. One of the things that’s particularly special about a project made up from so many different elements, is that it’s inevitable that everyone’s finished wreaths will look different and therefore unique. Some of the differences are subtle: just some changes in placement, maybe, but looking at some of the already finished wreaths, there are some occasional striking and delightful differences. Some of our makers have chosen to make the wreath into a table centrepiece; one has the dove of peace from last year’s LBC advent box and another has the addition of a hedgehog!

I chose to make a second robin for my wreath (I was worried that the first would be lonely!) and that they would both perch on a stick I found in my garden. So, once everything was attached, I added my hanging ribbon and battery pack and it was all finished:

And with the lights on:

My wreath will spend the Christmas season hanging on the inside of my front door (I bought one of those metal wreath hangers from Amazon) as I’m scared that it’ll get rained on, stolen or that a bird might poo on it if its outside. And I’m telling you now, when the decorations come down, that baby is STAYING UP. There’s too much work in that wreath for me not to admire it for waayyyyyy longer than just Christmas!

I’m so proud to have made this project alongside you all. We’d love to see more photos of finished wreaths. Share your photos on our Facebook page, on Instagram (don’t forget to tag #littleboxofcrochet) or upload them here on our website.