The 2020 Yarn Bomb Festival in Trivento, Italy is being held on the 8th and 9th August… and Little Box of Crochet is submitting a work! We like to think of LBC as a family of subscribers and followers and we’d love our yarn bomb entry to reflect that sense of community. Our work will also be a nod to one of our favourite ways to greet you all: “Hello My Loves!” We really do love you all and we like to think that you’re rather fond of us too! Our yarn bomb exhibit will be a celebration of that LBC love and WE NEED YOUR HELP! All you need to do is make a simple amigurumi heart (pattern below) and send it to:


We hope you’ll make a heart (or maybe more!) for this exhibit – we really felt we couldn’t submit a piece without you all being involved. Just imagine – a little piece of all of us in Trivento this summer!

Please send us your hearts by the end of June 2020.





Use scrap 4ply, DK or Aran weight yarn in any colour – we’d like a rainbow of hearts! – and appropriate sized hook for your chosen yarn.

Work continuously – no slip stitch to end row

Heart bump 1

Round 1: Make a magic ring and work 6dc into the ring (6) (PIC 1)

Round 2: Work 2 dc into each stitch (12)

Rounds 3 and 4: Dc 12 (PIC 2)

Fasten off and make another:

Heart Bump 2

Round 1: Make a magic ring and work 6dc into the ring (6)

Round 2: Work 2 dc into each stitch (12)

Rounds 3 and 4: dc 12 (do not fasten off this time)

Join your two ‘heart bumps” by inserting your hook into a dc in your first heart bump (PIC 3):

Round 5: work 12 dc in first heart bump and 12 dc in the second (24) (PIC 4)

You might find that there’s a hole between the two heart bumps – don’t worry if there is: it should close up as you proceed or you can sew this up at the end.

Round 6: dc 5, decrease, dc 10, decrease, dc 5 (22)

Round 7: dc 4, decrease, dc 9, decrease, dc 5 (20)

Round 8: dc 4, decrease, dc 8, decrease, dc 4 (18)

Begin stuffing. Not too tightly – we don’t want our hearts to be too fat! Add a little more stuffing at the end of every other row (PIC 5)

Round 9: dc 4, decrease, dc 7, decrease, dc 3 (16)

Round 10: dc 3, decrease, dc 6, decrease, dc 3 (14)

Round 11: dc 3, decrease, dc 5, decrease, dc 2 (12)

Round 12: dc 2, decrease, dc 4, decrease, dc 2 (10)

Round 13: dc 2, decrease, dc 3, decrease, dc 1 (8)

Round 13: dc 1, decrease, dc 2, sl stitch to end

Fasten off, leaving tail

Using a needle weave the tail in and out of the stiches from round 13 and pull tight. Sew in tail (PIC 6)

Ta-da! One little heart.

You could add a crochet flower or make a banner to personalise your heart. Simply crochet 3 or 4 rows of dc (I used a starting chain of 15) and embroider the name of something or someone you love. You can, of course, leave your hearts plain if you wish.








Please help us make this exhibit super special and send us your hearts!