🎵 Oh, I do like to be be-side the sea-side! 🎵

I’m sure you’ve heard by now but Little Box of Crochet HAVE ONLY GONE AND LAUNCHED A SUMMER PROJECT!!! 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉

Following the popularity of our Advent Boxes and the immense love for our Christmas wreath, Amanda and designer Kate Eastwood of

Just Pootling…

…have been plotting and planning and have come up with a design for a summer wreath. Called A Trip to the Seaside, its going to be a glorious, yarny celebration of the British seaside.

I spent a lot of time at the seaside when I was a kid. I grew up near some classic British seaside towns and have the most wonderful memories of sunny beachy days at Clacton, Frinton and Walton. Driving home in my dad’s Ford Cortina, salty from the sea, with sandy toes and a belly full of picnic. My grandad was the lighthouse keeper at North Foreland in Broadstairs so I also spent lots of time on the beautiful beaches there, scoffing ice-creams and candy floss. When my children were small, my mum and dad bought a static caravan on Mersea Island and we’ve spent many happy family weekends there ever since. Flying kites on the beach, crabbing, building sandcastles, playing the slot machines in the arcade and walking Wilf and Winnie past the ice-cream coloured beach huts there.

Mersea Island

All these memories whizzed through my head when Amanda announced this project:

Watch Amanda’s video!

I’m sure many of you had a similarly evocative and excited reaction. It’s going to be FABULOUS isn’t it?! We so need to look forward to wonderful things and exciting times right now and I have no doubt that this project will tick those boxes very nicely indeed. In fact, I’ve alerted Amanda to the very real danger that I may have popped with excitement long before the boxes arrive in late June/early July…

So, what can I can tell you at this stage? Well, if a wreath isn’t enough, Kate has also designed bunting for this project!!!! The wreath and bunting will be made in Ricorumi yarn which – if you subscribed to our Bountiful Baskets box back in October last year…


…you’ll know is the softest, most delightful cotton with an incredible palette of colours.

Amanda shared a sneaky wee peek of the box design on our Instagram and Facebook pages this week:

A sneaky peek 😉 

…so you have a little idea of that already. I’ve seen the full artwork (I KNOW – what a show-off!) and it’s as beautiful as you’ve come to expect from the supremely talented Kayti Peschke, who designs all our boxes and booklets.

We understand that money is tight for many of you at the mo. With this in mind, we’ve managed to bring the price in lower than our Advent Boxes and we also have a three monthly payment plan that we hope will make this box financially accessible for you.

And, as with our Christmas wreath, I’ll be blogging here daily so we can all enjoy connecting and working together on this beautiful project. Kate’s patterns are always brilliantly written and clear, but if we do encounter any trickier bits, we can work through them together, can’t we my loves?

Order your box here!

I just can’t wait to take A Trip to the Seaside with you all!

🎵 I’ll be be-side myself with glee! 🎵