Its Day 10 and we’re still hanging around the beach huts. I’ve been looking at more photos online of beautiful beach huts – take a look at these ones in West Sussex:


I think that looks like a perfect seaside spot for us all to meet with our crochet today, don’t you?

Today’s pattern is simply a smaller version of the Day 8 hut, starting with a ch11 instead of the ch13 from the previous pattern.

Again, we’re working in the back loops – look at the top of your row of double crochet and you’ll see how the stitches are formed of little Vs. The loop that’s furthest away is the back loop:

Working this way, gives the ridged texture that we talked about on Day 8.

I begin to work the decrease stitches to the first and last stitch of each row from row 8 and this gives the roof shape.

Once I’ve reached the roof peak and fastened off the year, I rejoin the WHITE yarn to the bottom right hand corner, RIGHT side facing (if you’re looking at your work and the yarn tail end is on your left at the bottom then you are looking at the RIGHT Side. If you are looking at your work and the yarn tail end is on your right at the bottom, you’ll be looking at the WRONG side).

Working a dc into the end of each row around the hut as per the pattern (work 2dc into the stitches where the roof begins to slope on both sides and 3dc into that top stitch at the roof point) gives a lovely defined finish to the beach hut shape.

The pattern for the MUSTARD crochet roof strip works in the same way as with previous days’ huts. Working that (3dc, ch3, sl st into 1st ch) into the middle stitch gives the beach hut roof a lovely little peak.

I make the door with another little rectangle of crochet, finished off with slip stitches all the way around (for a sharper, neater edge) .

My roof is attached to the beach hut with the MUSTARD yarn. I started at the point of the roof so that both sides match, lined up the edges and sewed both sides.

I chose to glue on my hut door as its quicker than sewing and – ta da! – another finished hut!

This one has come out a bit wibbly, wobbly looking compared to the other 2 huts I’ve made so far, so I think I’ll block it on my foam mat using rustproof pins and a spray of water. When all the huts are finished, I’m going to use some spray starch on them too before I attach them to the wreath. I’ll tell you about that on day 13 when we being assembly.

Tomorrow we’re making a stripy MUSTARD hut. See you then! xxx