Day 11 and its the 4th beach hut and our second stripy one.

The pattern is pretty much the same as yesterday’s hut but with two rows of mustard followed by one row of white (as with Day 9). The new colour is always joined with the right side facing (if you’re looking at your work and the yarn tail is on the left at the bottom, you are looking at the RIGHT side:

Keep a close eye on the pattern for when to work in the back loops:

unlike yesterday’s white hut pattern its not for every row.

When you’ve reached row 12 and the roof peak, fasten off the WHITE and, with the RIGHT side facing, rejoin the MUSTARD yarn at the bottom right hand side. Work a dc into the row ends all the way round, the same as you did yesterday.

The roof and door are worked exactly the same as yesterday but in WHITE.

Tomorrow we’re making the last two beach huts xxx