Hello my loves! Its Day 12 and the last of our beach hut days. Today we’re going to be making two huts – but don’t worry: they’re the littlest of our huts and with all your hut making of the past 4 days, it’ll be an absolute breeze, I promise.

Today’s huts are a little white hut with a blue roof and door and a wee blue stripy hut with a white roof and door.

I work chs of 9 for each hut so we can already tell that they’ll be smaller than the huts we’ve previously made. When we begin to assemble our wreath tomorrow, we’ll arrange the huts from large to small and it gives the perspective of them stretching out along our beach.

The pattern follows the same rules we’ve become used to with all our other huts. The WHITE hut is worked into the back loops only.┬áThe stripy hut is made with 2 rows of BLUE , one row of WHITE, joining your new colour with the RIGHT side of your crochet facing (the yarn tail will be at the bottom left if you’re looking at the right side). Check the pattern for where you work into the back loops as its not every row.

Both of the huts are finished with double crochet all round to give a defined edge, a contrasting roof section which I sewed on and a cute little door that I attached using my glue gun.

I decide to give all my huts a spray of starch to help them keep their shape. I use Dylon Spray Starch which you can find in the laundry aisle of supermarkets.

And we’re all done with making beach huts! Tomorrow we’re going to be attaching them (and all the other elements we’ve made so far) to our wreath bases. How exciting! See you then, seaside trippers xxxx