It’s Day 13 and we’re going to attach all the elements we’ve made so far on our trip to the wreath base.

I gather together everything I think I’m going to need:

Lizzie cat, of course, seizes this opportunity to ‘help’.

What is it with cats and crochet?!

I helps, mama.

I lay my wreath flat, as shown in Kate’s photograph. The join between the sand and one of the  sea sections is at the bottom, right in the middle:

I lay the wavy sea section over the bottom third of my wreath:

and when I’m happy with its position I pin it in place at the back. I’m using the blocking pins I used when I blocked the sea grass but any pins will do:

I tuck the sea edge pieces under the wavy sea and pin them in place:

I was going to sew the sea section to my wreath but once I’ve pinned it, I change my mind and decide to use my hot glue gun. I’m not a very proficient sewer and so feel I’ll be happier with a glued result. Plus I’m going to be gluing all the other elements so the glue gun is already on and warmed up:

Kate’s instructions and photos in the pattern book are brilliant to ensure everything is attached in the right place. With the long sand strips, I use pins to check that I’m happy with how they look before I glue them down. I run that first strip right inside the wreath so it covers the join where I sewed the cover around the cardboard base:

Make sure you have the ‘crinkly’ edge of your dunes toppermost. And you can add some little pleats or angle the dune slightly so they don’t look totally uniform and unnatural:

I’m having a lovely old time with my glue gun and before long most of the elements are in place apart from my small white beach hut:

Once it’s glued in place with the last ecru grass strip and a saffron sand dune, I spend quite some time staring at these leftover pieces…

…and wondering what I’ve missed… Then I remember that our Day 18 rock pool is surrounded by sand dunes so I put them safely out the way until we assemble the rest of our wreath on Days 21 and 22.

My dog says hi.

I’ll meet you all on the beach by the life rings tomorrow xxx