Today at the seaside, we’re throwing you a life ring!

The modern ring-shaped life buoy was invented by a British Naval Officer, Thomas Kisbee (they are sometimes called Kisbee rings), and their use became widespread when the RNLI began using them in the 1850s. They’re a common sight on coastal areas everywhere and our crochet one is going to reside outside the little white beach hut.

When I started working this pattern, I couldn’t work out how it would end up as that super cute little life ring… but Kate’s pattern is so clever. The decreases in the first half of the pattern and the increases in the second half, result in a mirror image shape that recedes and then fans out:

I folded it in half so that the two shorter edges joined:

(Point 1 meets point 2; point 3 meets point 4)

I used one of my yarn tails to sew those short edges together. Then I rolled the top section down:

and rolled the bottom section up and the life ring shape became apparent. I used my other yarn tail to begin sewing up the central seam. Half way round, I began adding small bits of stuffing, using the end of my crochet hook to poke it right in and give it a good, firm shape.

I threaded up the bodkin with RED yarn and joined it to the underside of the ring and wrapped it around 6 times before fastening off.

I joined and fastened off on the underside of the ring so that any messy ends (I’ve already confessed to being a poor sewer!) would be hidden when the ring is attached to the wreath.

I repeated this with the RED yarn another 3 times – equally spaced around the ring – to produce the sweetest, tiniest little life ring you ever did see.

Lets meet tomorrow back in the sand dunes. I think it’ll be the perfect place for some kite flying xxx