Today we’re making the beach grasses that are a common sight on our windswept UK coasts.

Fun fact: did you know that this marram grass, as its called, used to be harvested to be woven into fishing nets and even shoes? Well, you do now!

Today’s yarns include another absolute treat for the eyes: that PEA colour is right up my alley!

And it’s another simple pattern too, of just working fronds of 2 different lengths along the original chain:

Simply alternate the chain 5 and chain 7 fronds.

I make 2 in PEA and 4 in ECRU. And then a longer strip in PEA, alternating fronds of 5, 7 and 9 chains.

The most apparent thing about my finished beach grasses, is just how incredibly curly they are. These will definitely need blocking. I use an old piece of foam to block but you can use a yoga mat, kids foam playmat or folded-up towel. Blocking with pins (I use KnitPro T Pins but any rustproof pins will do) and spraying with water will allow those curly fronds to be reshaped into perfect rows of marram grass.

Before blocking
On the blocking mat
My foam blocking mat – complete with cat hair (Bernard thinks this is his bed)
After blocking


And we’re all done with another day at the seaside.

I’m excited about tomorrow – it’s the start of us all spending a few days in some lovely coloured beach huts! See you then xxxx