Hello seaside trippers! Today we’re back in the beach huts and it’s a fabulous red and white striped hut this time. There’s a wonderful tradition of coloured beach huts in the UK. My favourites can be found in Broadstairs where my grandad was a lighthouse keeper when I was a kid:

and at the nearest beach to me on Mersea Island where they have these beautiful ice-cream coloured huts:

Mersea island

I’m going to make a second wreath with huts those pastel colours after I finish this one! You can personalise your wreath, if you like, with huts of different colours but please make sure you leave enough of the yarn that is required for the other wreath and bunting elements: we’d hate for you to be forced to make Sidney the Seagull in SAFFRON and PEA!

Having made the white hut yesterday, today’s stripy hut presented no real problems – just quite a few more ends to sew in!

This hut has 2 rows of RED followed by one row of WHITE. Your new colour is always joined with the RIGHT side facing. And keep a close eye on the pattern for when you work into the back loops – unlike the white hut pattern it’s not on every row.

I joined the WHITE yarn to the RIGHT side of my crochet on row 3 (if you’re looking at your work and the yarn tail end is on your left at the bottom then you are looking at the RIGHT Side. If you are looking at your work and the yarn tail end is on your right at the bottom, you’ll be looking at the WRONG side):

and worked the dcs into the back loops only:

When you’ve finished off after row 14, rejoin the RED yarn, with RIGHT side facing, to the bottom right-hand corner and work dcs into each row, exactly as you did with your white beach hut, for a more defined edge to your hut.

The roof, door and finishing off will all be worked the same as yesterday’s pattern.

Tomorrow, our huts are getting a bit smaller to help create a row of huts with perspective. See you then xxx