When Amanda announced the launch of this box way back in March, I was SO excited to get going on our Trip to the Seaside. Lockdown brought some unexpected challenges for my family and it’s really no exaggeration to say that this project has kept me going through some difficult times. I consider myself very lucky to have crochet as a distraction and a creative outlet and, my goodness, this box of beachy delights was a therapeutic treat for the mind as well as a bewitching treat for the eyes!

Now that my trip is over, I thought I’d gather together some of my favourite photos that our social media followers shared and let you see my finished wreath and bunting in all their seaside-y glory.

Kate’s wreath design was so perfectly perfect that I stuck to her colour scheme and placement of the wreath elements almost entirely but once I’d finished the whole project, and had made myself a little flock of Sidney, Steve and Sandra Seagulls, I felt that their old pal, Sylvia, might like to have a little bob about in the wavy sea.

I’d always thought that this wreath design lent itself to being a perfect mirror so I bought a lightweight frameless 24cm circular mirror from Amazon and used my hot glue gun to stick it to the back of my wreath:

I used a red, white and blue colour palette for my bunting and I’m really pleased with the result:

I’ve loved this project and I’m definitely going to make both the wreath and the bunting again. The next time I’m going to make my beach huts in the pastel ice-cream colours of the huts at my local beach on Mersea Island:

and will make the bunting flags in that colourway too.

Anyone who’s laid eyes on Sidney the Seagull has fallen head over heels for him and I think if I made Sidneys continuously for the rest of the year, I still wouldn’t be able to make enough for everyone who’s asked me for one! But I’m going to have a good go. He’s such a delight to make, isn’t he? Here’s my flock when I first finished them:

And look at these marvellous Sidney photos from Sarah (IG: @sarahjomakes) and Anne-Sophie (IG: @annesocrochet):

Way back when we started our trip, before we’d even unfurled our beach blankets or unpacked the picnic, I shared a photo of LBC Brand Ambassador, Wilfie, looking très français and chic with the wreath base balanced on his bonce:

Wilf was super pleased that some of your doggo companions made similar plonkers of themselves:

Eddie (IG: @sarahjomakes)
Ralph (IG: @sarahjomakes)
IG @squaredogcrochet

The finished wreaths I’ve seen so far have all been beautiful. This one by @rachel_makescrochet took its very own trip to the seaside:

Claire Robinson shared her wreath photo to our Facebook page. She made her beach huts in different colours, added a Sidney and a supercute string of bunting:

@glynisaxtell (IG) not only added a Sidney but also an ice-cream and lolly before hanging her wreath on the door at her home:

Sorrell (IG: @thecraftypointers) added some seaside-y fairy lights to hers:

And Ruth (IG: @lanternhill) has made a whole beach themed window display with her bunting and wreath (as well as our most recent June LBC box project, Marilla the Mermaid):

Please keep sharing your finished wreath and bunting photos with us. We love seeing them. And if you’re sad that your seaside trip is over and you have a massive Just Pootling sized hole in your life, remember the wonderful Kate is designing the third Little Box of Crochet advent box and we’re taking orders already:


We have a brilliant instalment option to make payment easier.

I’ll be back here blogging for that advent box on December 1st. We’ll have lots of fun, I know xxx