Its Day 18 of our Trip to the Seaside and we’re going to have some fun rock pooling. When I was a kid, my favourite part of a beach day was rock-pooling with my dad. We’d spend hours exploring those pools at low tide, looking for crabs skulking under seaweed.

Today’s pattern is just lovely. A tiny crochet rock pool, teeming with starfish, sea urchins and seaweed.

I start with a Magic Ring:

Please watch our video tutorial if you’re unsure of this technique:

Moo’s Marvellous Magic Loop Movie

And work 4 dc in to the ring, adding my ice-cream stitch marker to the first st:

Pulling the yarn tail, closes up the ring. I move the stitch marker to the first stitch of every round as the pattern requires working in continuous rows

End of round 2
  • Please note that the stitch count at the end of Round 4 will be 16 Sts.

The final round of the rockpool is when the flowing pool shape becomes apparent from the use of different crochet stitches. After fastening off, I gather together the NUDE, FOX and PEA yarn ready for the surface embroidery:

Three little sea urchin French Knots are added first. If you’re not sure how to work a French Knot, this video is super helpful:

French Knot Tutorial

A tiny starfish is worked in NUDE (and I don’t mean YOU have to be in the nude but, hey, no judgement here)

Before finishing with running stitch seaweed in PEA.

And we’re done for another day. Tomorrow we’re off on a fishing trip xxx