First off, an apology for 2 teeny typos in this pattern:

Round 1: You start your ice lolly with a ch5 and not a ch7.
Round 14: 1 decrease (dc2tog), 2dc all the way round.

The photo below shows the stitch pattern for the correct starting chain of 5:

The pattern is worked in continuous rounds so I use a stitch marker to indicate the first stitch of each round, moving it up as I start a fresh round. I work from the top of the lolly down to where the stick will be placed and by the time I’ve worked three rounds of 16dc (rounds 3-5), the shape of the lolly is beginning to emerge:

When I switch from the PINK to the NUDE yarn, I work the last yarn over of round 5 in the new colour:

and then work the following dcs over my yarn tails, tucking the ends inside the lolly to save myself sewing them in. I do the same when it comes to changing to the SMOKEY ROSE yarn. Gosh, these colours are just delicious aren’t they?

Round 14 is worked into the back loops of the previous row:

it will makes the underside of the lolly when you fold it inwards.

I decide to work my sprinkles before stuffing and making/attaching the lolly stick so that I can hide the ends neatly inside my lolly. I choose RED, WHITE and NOUGAT and untwist the ply of a length of each to separate out three strands:

I work little running stitches all over the top third:

The stick is made by starting with a Magic Loop. I’m sure you’re familiar with Moo’s tutorial for this by now but here is the link if you need a reminder:

Magic Ring tutorial

I work 6dc into the ring:

tighten the yarn tail and then work continuously for a further 6 rounds, using a stitch marker to mark the 1st st of each row.

I finish my lolly with a little bit of stuffing, flattening that last round of NUDE, poking in the lolly stick and pinning it all in place:

Kate recommends sewing your lolly closed and the stick in place but I decide to get the glue gun out because I hate sewing! And ta-da! – an ice lolly to cool down a very hot Wilfie ☀️

Phew – its a scorcher!