So we’ve finished our wreaths now but don’t be too sad: today we’re starting our bunting flags and inching ever closer to our beloved Sidney the Seagull.

I’m leaving Brighton today. I woke up early and crocheted while the kids slept, watching the dog walkers and the early morning swimmers on the beach from our hotel window.

The bunting flags are another great opportunity to personalise your Trip to the Seaside projects. As long as you make sure to keep enough yarn for your ice-creams, lollies and Sidneys, you can choose whatever colour palette you like. I’m going for red, white and blue, I think.

The flags are simple little triangles. Starting just like we did with our little fishies on Day 19 of our trip, we work from the point upwards.

From row 4 onwards, we work the same pattern: a row of dc in every stitch followed by a row of 2dc in the first stitch, dc in each stitch to the last but one, and 2dc in the final stitch. I place a stitch marker on one side of my flag:

when it is on my right hand side, it’s a quick reminder that I’m on the row where I work 2dc in the the first and last stitches. I follow that pattern repeat till row 18 and work one more row of 19dc. I finish off by working a dc into the end of each row and (dc, ch1, dc) into the point of the flag to give a sharper defined edge.

I’m not sure yet whether I’ll work the frilly edging on my bunting flags. I think I’ll finish all seven first and decide tomorrow.

I make some plain flags and also some striped. I make my striped by working the first 4 rows in blue and then changing colour every 3 rows thereafter.

I may add some of the wreath elements we’ve already made as embellishments:

Or you can cover yours with little French Knots as Kate did with hers. You can watch this little tutorial if you’re not sure how to work these knots:

French Knot tutorial

I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with yours xxx