We’re nearing the end of our seaside trip, my loves! We only have today and tomorrow to go: days we’re going to spend finishing off our bunting.

Shall we sit by the pier to do this? Let’s treat ourselves to one of those hot sugary doughnuts when we’ve finished for the day.
Today I’m going to make the bunting ties and begin the bunting string. I’ll work the second row of the bunting string tomorrow and finish by adding the ice creams, lollies and our wonderful flock of seagulls.

I make seven bunting ties in total – 2 large and 5 smaller ones – using colours from my chosen red, white and blue bunting palette. They’re super simple. Starting with a (2 ch, then work 2 dc into 2nd chain from the hook) point that’ll be familiar to us all from the bunting flags themselves. I work 2 dc in the first stitch and 1 dc in the second:

before working in rounds of (3 dc ch 1 turn) until my tie measures 17cm for the larger tie. I finish off by making a point at the other end by working (dc2tog, 1 dc, ch 1 turn) and a final row of dc2tog before fastening off.

The smaller ties are worked in much the same way but working rows of 2dc:

until the tie measures 14cm. I finish off with a final row of dc2tog before fastening off.

I lay my bunting flags out in the order I want them to sit on my string

Using two lengths of my chosen WHITE, I ch 25:

and pick up the flag I want to be on the right hand side of my string and join:

I dc all along the top of flag number one, ch 20 before joining my second flag and so on, until all 6 flags are joined. I finish off with a final ch 25 and fasten off.

DAY 30:

Today, I’m finishing off my bunting. I add a row of double crochet the length of the double strand string I made yesterday:

I’m sticking to my red, white and blue palette so I add another row of dc after this:

I add the ties I made yesterday along the length of the bunting string and hang the ice creams, lollies and Sidneys from the ties:

I use some nylon fishing line that I randomly found in my craft room. I’ve never fished in my life so this must’ve been bought for some previous crafty project! I didn’t want the hanging strings to be massively visible.

And I’m done.

I’m so excited to see how you’ve all personalised your bunting; the colours that you’ve used, if you’ve added some of the wreath elements to embellish your flags like I have or if you’ve gone totally off-piste with your design!

I’ve enjoyed our Trip to the Seaside so much. We’ve had such fun hanging about the beach huts, crabbing and scoffing ice creams, haven’t we? I don’t want it to end. Shall we meet in the sand dunes in a day or two for a full ta-da! get together? I’ll show you my wreath and bunting in full and share some of the amazing progress and completed project photos you’ve already shared to social media. Don’t forget to hashtag your photos #atriptotheseaside and/or #littleboxofcrochet and maybe your photo will be here xxx