Hello my loves!

Its Nyree here with an LBC round-up for you all. We have so many exciting projects on the horizon to tell you about.  I hope you’ll be able to join us for some of them.


First off, the countdown is on for the mail-out of our October crochet boxes. On Tuesday (the 20th October), this beautiful box will be winging its way to our subscribers all around the world:

The October box

Isn’t it just beautiful? A gorgeous combination of Autumnal and Gothic vibes, it’s definitely in my Top Three Kayti Peschke box designs EVER.

“But what’s IN THE BOX, Nyree?” the crowd implored…

Well, folks, I have Top Level Authorisation from Le Grand Fromage, Amanda, to tell you only three things:

1. The box design is by returning LBC designer and Superstar Colour Maestro, Emma Leith. Emma was responsible for our Boho Chandelier and Bountiful Baskets so you know it’s going to be an absolute treat.

2. The box is crammed full of marvellous things because we love to spoil you.

3. You will have the worst case of FOMO ever, ever, EVER if you miss out on this one.

If you’re already a LBC subscriber, you need do nothing but wait smugly for the postie to arrive. If you’re not subscribed – don’t worry – there are still a few places left but they’re filling fast. Whizz over and subscribe NOW!

Emma is a colour WHIZZ 🌈

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We also have an absolute belter of a crochet box planned for you in December. Follow us on our social media pages for teasers of that box in the next couple of weeks.


Our 2020 Advent box has been designed by Kate Eastwood of Just Pootling fame and this year Team LBC has chosen a garland for you all to make. We were thrilled with the reaction to the teasers we’ve so far posted on social media:

Sneaky peek…

It seems that everyone is excited about the prospect of A Victorian Christmas with Little Box of Crochet!  And I think it’s fair to say that Dobbin the rocking horse is proving as popular as Sidney the Seagull from our Summer box:


As with our 2019 advent project and the summer box just mentioned, I’ll be writing a daily blog for our website. That way we can all work alongside each other as well as share tips and info for making our Dobbins and all the other garland elements. The blog will stay up forever so you can work at your own pace if you prefer.

The boxes will be sent out on the 1st November so they’ll arrive in plenty of time for the start of Advent.  They’ll contain EVERYTHING you need to make the garland in fabulous Yarn and Colors Favourite yarn as well as some super artisan treats made 🎶 Especially for You 🎶 (cue Kylie and Jason) by small British companies.

And remember – we ship worldwide!

Get your 2020 Advent Box HERE!


The last Little Box of Knitting of 2020 will be heading out in December, just like the crochet box. Our designer is the wonderful Helen Elizabeth Birch:


And the project is…

… is …

… I’m not telling you. Obvs. 😉

Suffice to say, it’s BEAUTIFUL and it took my breath away. All you knitting peeps are going to love it.

My New Year’s resolution to learn to knit hit the skids early in the year with a series of family dramas. I got as far as knitting a mug cosy and shuddered to a halt. When I turned 40, I set myself a series of challenges to mark my four decades; one of which was learning to crochet. With my 50th looming in 2021, it seems the right time to finally conquer knitting so I don’t miss out on projects like this one from our June LBK box:

Luna Shawl, designed exclusively for LBC by Fran Morgan

Or this incredible September project designed by our very own Moo, using double knitting (some kind of marvellous, voodoo knitting trickery that I’m in awe of):

The September LBK was designed by our very own Moo!

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LBC Brand Ambassador, Wilfie, has been through the mill lately. He had an op to remove some lumps that were worrying the vet. The good news is the lumps were found to be nothing sinister. The even better news is the vet gave his teeth a good old clean while he was under, so no more ponky Labrador breath. But the best news of all, was that he had to wear a healing suit (an alternative to the Cone of Shame) for ten days and, boy, did he rock that babygro:

Dog in babygro…

If you follow us on social media, you’ll already know that Amanda has recently moved to a new home, just a short distance from Craftopia. She’s been making us all very jealous with the wonderful views from her crochet and knitting armchair:

Amanda’s view

I hope you all have somewhere lovely to sit and knit or crochet, that it distracts you from the madness of the world right now and brings you some creative joy. I for one may well have gone completely crazy bonkers if not for the magic of a hook and yarn.

Stay safe,

Love Nyree (and of course Amanda, Emma and Hazel) xxx