Today is a non-crochet day for our Advent project. A day to make those 4 bobbly strips from yesterday…

PS are you loving the magnetic needle keep?

…into the most magnificent sparkly pinecones with a little bit of winding and a little bit of sewing.

Starting from the widest end and making sure that the right side of your bobbles will be facing outwards on the cone, tightly wind the crochet round and round to form a pinecone shape.

When I was happy with the shape I had, I used a couple of blocking pins to hold it all in place…

…while I used the yarn tails to sew in and out of the cone in various places, working between the bobbles so the stitches can’t be seen.

Clever, innit?!

Do the same with the other three strips and you’re all done for the day.

Love, Nyree xxx