1. Hello my loves, its our last day of crochet today 😢 but that means that we almost have all the elements needed for our Victorian Christmas garland 🥳🥳🥳🥳

We’re finishing off the 2 postboxes we started yesterday and we begin with some surface crochet decoration and a wee bit of sewing to add doors, info boards and letter boxes.

Looking at the join between the BURGUNDY and BLACK sections, you can see the BURGUNDY horizontal bars left from when we worked into ‘back loops only’ yesterday:

We’ll be working our top stitch just above those bars. Insert your hook from front to back of the crochet and pull a loop of BLACK yarn through (yarn is behind your work):

Insert hook into next stitch, yarn over, pull up loop from from front to back and slip stitch.

Working this kind of surface crochet creates a lovely little chain stitch effect which neatly fills this BURGUNDY/BACK border:


To mark where your door will be, find the centre of your work by folding in half and marking with a pin:

Then count out 3 stitches either side of the centre pin and place pins in the 4th:


This will mark out a row of 8 central stitches onto which you can work your surface top stitch (as you just did with BLACK just now):


Once you’ve stitched that 8×8 surface door, snip the yarn and pull the tail end through to the front of your work. Thread onto your bodkin, insert back neatly through the final slip stitch you made…

… and fasten off on the back of your work. I’m not worrying about those yarn tails on the back and will just tuck them in later when I get to that stage.

Stitch the Info board outline and letter box opening in long stitches in BLACK:

Fill the info board with WHITE long stitches.

Stitch just inside the door and around the edge of the letter box in GOLD and work a big French knot for your door handle. Here is that handy-dandy French knot tutorial again:

French Knot tutorial

I wrapped my yarn around my needle 8 times to get a nice fat knot.

[Confession time: I didn’t do this last bit of sewing in RED WINE (around the info board and letter box) as I didn’t spot that bit of the pattern until I’d already stitched up the post box 😬 ]

Sewing up the back seam in mattress stitch creates a nice neat join. Simply weave your bodkin in and out the Vs of your double crochets as if lacing up a shoe:

And it’s here that a true icon of COVID-19 2020 makes an appearance: the toilet roll.

Some of my loo rolls had tubes that weren’t fat enough but I did manage to find two that were a bit more girthy! (I promise I’m not hoarding, I just had different sizes for some reason…)

Our postbox top begins with 8dcs into a Magic Ring:

Magic Ring

and then continuous rounds of dc, using a stitch marker to mark the first stitch of each round. Increases in each round create a neat flat circle.


At the end of round 7, instead of continuing straight on for round 8, flip your work so that you’re looking at the wrong side (your yarn tail will be here):

and work 55 dcs in the front loops only:

Your work is turned again at the end of round 9 so that the right side of your work is once again facing you.

For round 11, slip stitch all the way around and then fasten off, leaving a long yarn tail.

Rejoin the BURGUNDY yarn into one of the horizontal bars left by crocheting into the front loops only in round 8:

Working 1sl st+1ch in each of these little bars. creates a ridge to the top of your postbox:

I worked a French Knot on the top of the postbox (again, I wrapped the yarn around my needle 8 times to get a chunky knot).

I used the lid from my can of spray starch to draw around and create the cardboard circles. They fitted perfectly inside my crochet lids. Using GOLD glamour yarn, I stitched all around the top, just under where the cardboard circle is.

Using the yarn tail from the end of round 11, I stitched small running stitches all the way round, just above that row of slip stitches and then popped the lid on my post box. Gently pulling that yarn tail, closes the gap between the lid and the main part of the postbox, and then I stitched a few neat holding stitches all the way round:


How cute are the finished post boxes?


And that’s it, my loves. All the actual crochet for this project is done! The final two days are all about construction. Tomorrow we’re making the cord for our garland and we have a special treat for you: some movies by our Moo.

Love, Nyree xxx