See Good morning, Garlanders! Today we’re using the yarn from our Advent box to make a twisted rope. It’s a clever technique and one that our crochet box subscribers will be familiar with, as we used it for our duffel bags:

I chose to make my yarn rope using the CREAM and BURGUNDY yarns. I measured out my lengths of yarn and knotted them at both ends as per the pattern card:

If you don’t have anyone willing to hold one end of the knotted yarn (my kids were quite unmoved by my protestation that, “ITS GOING TO FUN, GUYS!”), hook one of the knotted ends onto something secure. I used the knob on my fridge door. I poked a pencil in the other end, with the RED yarn on one side and the CREAM on the other:

Holding the yarn as tautly as possible, I began turning the pencil. I’d put a Louis Theroux podcast on as I thought I was going to be attached to my fridge, twiddling a pencil for most of the evening, but it really wasn’t long before I could see the yarn rope beginning to twist and form:

One of my kids emerged from her bedroom and was so amused at the fridge-string-pencil lunacy that she was persuaded to give up a minute of her life to record it:

Pencil twirling

I kept going until those yarn twists began to twist back on themselves. Using one hand to keep the yarn taut, I walked the ‘pencil end’ towards the ‘fridge end’. Then I poked a finger in to hold the half way point. Unhooking the end on the fridge, and using my foot to secure the half way point, I let go:

Rope twisting

I’m not gonna lie, I thought I’d messed it up royally at this point. Let’s just say that those of you offended by effing-and-jeffing will be super relieved that the video has no sound…

BUT… stretching and smoothing it out, made the rope neaten up and look like… well, a rope. I started out today wondering if all that pencil twiddling would be worth the effort. I considered binning it off and looking for a suitable length of ribbon or string from my craft stash instead. But OH-MY-GOSH, LOOK AT IT:


I’m constantly amazed at the magic a hook and yarn can produce, but I was totally GOBSMACKED at my candy cane rope produced with a fridge door, a pencil and some yarn.

And as a special treat, please enjoy Moo and Buzby taking a science-based approach to twisted yarn rope making:

Tie a knot in that

Love, Nyree xxx