Well, here we are on Day 24: the final day of our Victorian Christmas advent project. Have you had fun making it with us? I’ve really enjoyed working alongside you all and seeing your progress on Instagram and Facebook. Some of you raced ahead and finished long ago. That’s fine. Others reckon they’ll be lucky to finish by Christmas¬†2021! That’s fine too. There are no judgements here 😃¬† All of the Little Box of Crochet projects are for you to work as you wish and at whatever pace suits you. The only thing we ask of you is to enjoy making them – that makes us super happy 😘

So we’re putting our garlands together today. Again there are no hard and fast rules for this: you can follow Kate’s pattern to the letter or you can go off-piste.

I go off-piste straight away. Kate suggests sewing the elements to the garland. I grab my glue gun!

I knew exactly where I wanted my garland to reside – on the mantelpiece – so I took the rope and stockings there to see how it would sit. I decided on my stocking placement first and whacked in a couple of nails to hang them from (and another nail in the middle of them both that will hold the centre of my garland). I held up the rope between the stockings and used stitch markers to mark the centre and end points of my rope – if I’d placed all the elements right along the rope length from end to end, it would’ve been slightly too long to sit how I wanted it to, so I decided how much of the rope would be free from the crochet elements at each end.

I began by making my holly leaf and berry clusters. I followed Kate’s guidance for putting those clusters together because she has a great eye for that kind of thing. I placed the clusters along the rope length to make sure I was happy with how they sat:

I placed a blob of hot glue in the centre of each cluster and stuck them to the rope. Once all the clusters were on, I turned my work over and glued the clusters to the rope in more places to secure it all.

I then placed the pinecones and envelopes along the length of my garland and glued them on once I was happy with their placement:

For the remaining elements (the skates, the presents, the postboxes and, of course, Dobbin) , I decided to use some clear fishing line to make small hanging loops for each. You can of course glue or stitch them on. I liked the idea that they would hang slightly and also this gives me the freedom to rearrange them in the future – especially if I decide to add some more elements.

I hung the garland between the stocking and then banged in a few more little nails to hang all the remaining bits and bobs. Don’t forget you have your little box of fairy lights that you can hang along the length of your garland too, should you wish. I can’t wait to switch them on tonight when it gets dark so that Father Christmas can spot the sherry and mince pie I’m leaving out for him 😊

I’m so pleased with my garland. I can never quite believe that we can make such extraordinary things with just yarn and a stick. We’re very lucky to have the gift of crochet, aren’t we?

All of us at Team Little Box of Crochet hope you have as wonderful a Christmas as is possible in the year of Covid-19, and we wish you health and happiness and hopefully a MUCH better year all-round for 2021. We have some really exciting projects lined up for you next year so keep your eyes peeled for those 👀

Love, Nyree xxx

and Wilf and Winnie too xxx