You’re back!  Hurrah!  We’re at the hump!  Right in the middle of our cal and doing lots of things that you’ve done before!


Rows 1 -5 basket weave

We are making the basket weave again on rows 1 – 5, I found it easier this time and hope you do too! When you get to the beginning of row 5, you might want to start putting a stitch marker in the first stitch (or chains that count as a stitch, as is the case with row 5) to identify it as the last stitch when you come back to it. There are 22 stitches on each row, so if you just keep counting you should be ok.



Now, I said it at the beginning, way back in week one, and I’m saying it again now. READ THE PATTERN! Honestly, there is nothing complicated about this square, if, ya know, you do what the pattern tells you and crochet the stitches in the correct order! I have pulled mine back so many times it’s not funny!  There must have been something good on the tv and I was just not concentrating and not looking at the pattern properly! The stitch pattern isn’t predictable so follow it very carefully and count, count, count. You have 22 stitches or chain spaces on every row throughout. I did the first one and the last one with no problems, but the second and third caused all kinds of bad language! I know what you’re thinking…aren’t they all the same Julie? Yes, yes they are. Exactly the same!

The only part that actually might be a bit tricky is row 14 where you have to treble into the slip stitches and trebles you made on row 13.  If you tilt your work towards you, you can see more clearly where you need to put your hook. In the picture below I have put my needle in the slip stitch.  You can see that the slip stitches are quite small, so take care not to miss any. Keep checking your stitch count!


The same goes for row 16 where you are repeating the same process.

When you get to the end of row 17 you can sigh with relief and do it all again 3 more times! Don’t worry if your square looks a little fluted – narrower at the bottom – the basket weave section is nice and tight and the other stitches are a bit looser, but the border and joining to the blanket will soon sort all that out I promise.

And to prove perseverance paid off…



Now to attend to those ends…!




Round 1


We are joining yarn K (Mushroom) here with a ch2.





We are now doing 22 hdc’s on each side. The top and the bottom are proper stitches to work into so that’s nice and easy, and Eleonora tells us where to put the stitches on the sides. I’m not sure I got all mine in exactly the ‘right’ places, but I’ve got 22 evenly spaced hdc’s on every side, so I’m happy with that. Again, once they are all in their places within the blanket they will become a good shape.





One more round and these squares are done! We are racing through aren’t we?!


Jenny Wren & Butterfly


You can do what you like here and the Jenny Wren and/or butterflies really make these squares.  You can put one of each on all 4 of the squares we’ve just finished, or make a few of each, or any combination of Wren’s and butterflies that you like! Eleonora shows in the pattern where on the square to position them, but again, that’s really up to you!  Go crazy!


The Wren starts with a magic loop. If you haven’t started with a magic loop before, you can check out our tutorial below.  I remember being a bit scared of the magic loop, but once I mastered it, I absolutely love it as a starting technique. You can completely close the centre of the circle leaving no hole at all.



When making circles, I find it best to always mark the first stitch. It’s so easy to loose concentration even when only counting up to 12! Even if you are confident with your stitches, I would recommend that you use a stitch marker on the first stitch of round 2 as you will want to find it easily when you are working round 3.



Round 3


After you’ve worked the tail, you will slip stitch into the marked stitch, slip stitch in the next 2 stitches and you will now make the head with all this in the same stitch –  2htr, 1tr, ch 2, sl st back into the top of the tr and 2htr.


Here is where the sl st goes after the 2 ch



And this is what your little footless, beakless Wren looks like now!

Eleonora has done a Wren and a butterfly on each of this weeks 4 squares, but I have decided to just do one Wren on my blanket as a little tribute to Jenny x




I think this little butterfly is really clever and I plan to make lots of them in all the colours! It’s one round and all the stitches go in to the magic ring so make sure you leave your ’end’ quite long to fit them all in.

It looks a bit of a mess until you tighten the magic ring



And then tadah! Butterfly! Clever hey?



This is how I’ve decided to do mine. How will you do yours?



So two more weeks of ‘elements’ to make and then we will be doing the border and finishing off all ready for a picnic!


And what delights do I have for you this week I hear you say?!  Well, I thought you would all be feeling your inner Yorkshire by now and I thought I’d treat you to another poem by Yorkshire Poet Dave Pearson!  Yay!  This celebrates Yorkshire Day which is held every year.  This year it is on Sunday, 1st August and you will have a lovely poem to recite whilst you sit on your (hopefully) completed picnic blanket dreaming of Yorkshire!


Yorkshire Day


Am from Yorkshire

Ay up, how do

I drink Yorkshire Tea

An use an artside loo


I like walkin’ in’t Dales

Up ‘ill an darn

Al be ‘art in all weathers

Saying “oof” when it’s wa’rm


It’s Yorkshire Day today

Ow chuffing great i’ that

Al celebrate it reyt

Wi’ mi flat cap as ni ‘at

Don’t worry if thas not from Yorkshire

Ya can allas come darn this way

Then you an all can ‘av

A chuffin’ great Yorkshire Day


All clear?! Excellent!


Have a chuffin’ great week and see you for part 6!


Julie x x