“ All the world is happy when Santa Claus comes”
Maud McKnight Lindsay


So your Advent 2021 box is here! I hope you’re as excited as Little Box of Crochet Brand Ambassador, Wilfie, is to receive it:

Inside he’s dancing

Day 1 of our crochet project doesn’t actually involve any crochet at all but is instead a bit of cutting and sticking to make our Santa’s body.

The most wonderful bit about this is that making the cone will give you an idea of just how mahoosive our Woodland Santa is going to be!

Follow the instructions in the booklet to transfer the template onto your cardboard. Its designed to fit the outer packaging so do keep that mailer!


Just make sure that if its grained cardboard, that the long grain will run from the top to bottom of the cone. Cardboard is designed to be stiff and flat so, to get an even curve, roll it up a few times once you’ve cut out your shape to give it some flexibility.

Use the bulldog clips to hold the shape and then secure it with lots of sellotape or parcel tape.

The join will be at the back of your Santa.