Time is measured in days, weeks and beards.


So, its Day 12, and I’m learning something brand new; the loopy loveliness of loop stitch! My goodness it creates the most beautiful beard you ever did see. Loop stitch isn’t hard but it’s a little fiddly till you get the knack so I’d suggest making a small swatch in some yarn from your stash (I KNOW you all have one!) to get some practice in. There’s quite a knack to getting your loops the same size (if you go too big, you run the risk of running out of yarn) so its really worth doing some practice with this stitch before launching into using your gorgeous Rowan.

If you’re happy to mix up our advent order, and are a little nervous of the loop stitch, you might want to do Day 13 before Day 12, as the loop stitch hair is a bit easier than today’s beard which has shaping too.

I used some old white acrylic to make a small loop stitch square and then got carried away and did a trial run of the beard for Wilf:

A row of double crochet is followed by a row of loop stitch throughout.

  2. With the working yarn wrapped around your index finger (keep your finger close to the work to keep the loops smaller and evenly sized. I’ve lifted my finger away from the work somewhat in these photos purely so you can see where the hook wraps the yarn), insert the hook into the stitch as usual:
  3. Wrap the hook around the yarn that’s infront of the index finger:

and grab the yarn behind the index finger

Pull the yarn through the stitch, yarn over and pull through remaining loops).


I found it easiest to learn from a video. Our designer, Kate, recommended this Claudetta Crochet Youtube video to me:

Claudetta Crochet Loop Stitch

I did find it useful to see how the stitch worked up but I hold my working yarn differently to Claudetta and so I found this Planet June video tutorial perfect for me:

Planet June Loop Stitch

There’s also a left-handed version of the tutorial:

Left handed version

Once you’ve practiced the stitch and feel confident with it, you can work your beard in the 2 strands of yarn.

The beard is worked from the point upwards. There are increases at the beginning and end stitches of the double crochet rows followed by a row of loop stitches into each stitch.

Rows 35 to 45 create a slopey sideburn:

Fasten off and reattach the 2 strands of yarn on the other side of the beard to create the second sideburn: