We used a little bit of the Yarn and Colors Glamour yesterday for some leaf embellishment and today it’s back to create our sparkly stars.

The stars are made using TWO STRANDS of that gorgeous Rose gold so I unwind a length of the yarn to make a second separate ‘ball’. Using a strand from the original skein and a strand from my newly wound ball, make a magic ring:

Magic Ring

The yarn is shiny and a little ‘slidey’ so be careful as you work, until your Magic Ring is secure.

After the round 2 increase round, the 5 star points are made by chaining and then working 1 sl st, 1dc and 1hdc back down the chain:

Repeat 4 more times.

Fasten off and sew in one end, leave a length of the other strand long enough to sew around the star.

Your completed star will be super curly. Don’t worry. We’re going to join two of them together and then they’ll look marvellous, I promise!

Place 2 stars wrong sides together:

Left hand star: right side
Right hand star: wrong side

Line up your points and work small stiches all-round the stars.

I work 2 small stiches into each point.

On the left, below: 2 unattached stars. On the right: two become one (and whole lot less curly):

See? I told you they’d lose their curliness! They’re going to look gorgeous hanging from Santa’s belt aren’t they?