As we enter the second week of our advent project, we’ve got a fabulous new colour to work with and the SCARLET Felted Tweed is simply divine.

We’re making a triangular insert to fit inside the coat, starting at the wider bottom and working up to a narrower top.

This narrowing is achieved with decrease stitches (dc2tog):

1 Insert hook into first stitch

2 Yarn over and draw through the loop

3 Do not complete the stitch as normal

4 Instead, insert the hook into the next stitch

5 Yarn over and draw through the loop

6 There should now be 3 loops on your hook.

7 Yarn over and draw through all three loops on your hook

8 Your two stiches will now be joined into one at the top

I use a pencil to mark off each completed row. Watch out for the pattern repeats (such as Rows 5 to 16, Rows 17 to 24 and so on). I write out all the individual repeating row numbers on a piece of paper to keep track.

join yarn to bottom right hand corner (right side of your work facing you)

The panel is finished with a 2 stranded furry trim on the wider bottom edge. With the right side of your work facing you (the yarn tail will be to the left), attach the two strands of yarn with a slip stitch to the bottom right hand corner. Work 8 rows of this double stranded trim.