So, now we have a couple of days making some foliage for our project, starting with the cutest little holly leaves, adorned with teeny French knot berries. Like the eyebrows we made yesterday, we’ll be working stitches into one side of the chain:

And then working the same into the other side of the loops indicated above.

Holly leaf prickles are created by working ch2 + slip stitch into each stitch all the way round.

Dig out that lush SCARLET yarn to add 2 or 3 French knot berries to each leaf. Thread a length of it onto the needle, attach it to the underside of the leaf, bring it up through the leaf and holding the yarn tightly, wrap the yarn around the needle a couple of times:

Still holding the yarn tightly with your left hand, reinsert your needle back into the leaf, close to the point where it emerged. Pull the yarn taut and slide the knot down the needle, holding the knot in place with a finger as the needle goes through the leaf. Here’s a little video that shows that in action:

How to work a French Knot

Once you’ve made your holly leaves, it’s time for some ivy. The smaller leaves are made with one strand of the LOTUS LEAF green yarn.  The larger leaves are worked to the same pattern but use two strands of yarn – AVOCADO and LOTUS LEAF which creates a lovely variegated effect

Make a magic ring:

Magic Ring

When closing the magic ring, don’t pull on the yarn tail too sharply or you’ll break it. Pull it gently to close.

Each of the 5 points are made by creating chains and working stitches into those chains:

Point 1

And so on.

The leaves are then decorated with sparkly gold veins. I work in and out of the centre of my magic ring to create these.