The next two days of crochet are really, really simple. Using that gorgeous Felted Tweed in BARN RED again, we’re making the hood for Santa’s coat. It’s just a rectangle (folded in half so the two short sides meet), seamed together with double crochet and topped off with a fur trim (made with two strands of yarn – just like the coat) that will frame Santa’s gorgeous rosy face. Or turn your plonky Labrador into an old Russian lady:

Oksana Labradova

Simples. Now that you’ve conquered all those days of coat making, I know you’ll have this in the bag!

This browny-red Felted Tweed is just glorious when its worked up, isn’t it? It’s easy to see why Rowan Yarns gave it its tweedy name, as it crochets up into slightly rough woollen fabric that looks closely woven – just like your actual tweed. Tweeds are made to withstand harsh climates so it’s going to be perfect to keep our Woodland Santa warm and cosy.