Our Santa is going to look splendid in his completed tweedy brown coat, isn’t he? A red suit is more associated with American versions of Santa (an American cartoonist first depicted him in red in the 1870s) but our woodland – and, dare I say, more SOPHISTICATED – version, takes his clothing inspo from Europe where Saint Nicholas remained popular. A long robe-like coat such as ours is closer to that of the saint and his bishop’s robes:

The sleeves are started at the shoulders with a magic ring:

Magic Ring

Pull your yarn tail gently to close the ring so as not to tear the yarn.

The sleeves are worked in continuous rounds so place a stitch marker in the 1st stitch of each round, moving it up as you begin the next round and use a piece of paper (or a row counter app if you’re fancy!) to keep your place.

When it comes to adding the sleeve’s furry trim, join your yarn to the WRONG side – so insert your hook from the inside to the outside of the sleeve:

This trim will be folded back when you get to the assembly stage.