Andrea’s Beautiful Bunting!

The sun is shining and what better way to celebrate that than some beautiful beach bunting? Andrea sent us these amazing pictures of hers and we think they’re so beautiful that we want you to see them too! Little flags of cheer – we need more of these EVERYWHERE we think! Thanks Andrea – your … Continued

Day 20 – Eucalyptus

I’ve been looking forward to this one – it has a CONSTRUCTION element to it (and by that I mean there’s a bit of wire involved) I thought I couldn’t possibly ever love anything as much as the poppy heads (full disclosure, I’ve not made any of the fruit yet so it’s likely I’ll combust … Continued

Days 18 & 19 – Toadstools

A BIG favourite here and – I think – with a lot of you dear readers too. I adore these and they are teeny weeny and, I admit it, a challenge for my previously-mentioned goalkeeper hands but I don’t mind that. I wanted to let you know that they start off really in a very … Continued

Day 17 – Poppy Head

Ok I’ll admit, I thought the thistles were a tough act to follow but crikey these are something else!  They are so clever and so cute and blimey this wreath is shaping up to be spectacular at this point. I do love a bit of back loop crochet, especially when worked in rows like this.  … Continued

Day 16 – Thistles

Oh goodness I LOVE these!  When Nyree and I divided up the days to make, I did a teen-movie-montage-fist-pump thing when I got this one.  It’s just gorgeous.  I don’t know whether it’s because Buz and I had these in our wedding flowers maybe?  Nah, it’s just because they are SUPER CUTE! I get going, … Continued

Days 14 & 15 – Christmas Roses

Well these are beautiful aren’t they?  I love the combination of “Old Pink” and “Gold” especially. Once you get the hang of them, they don’t take long to make but I did trip up a bit so I’ll tell you about that shall I? I fell almost at the first hurdle – those mysterious trebles!  … Continued

Day 2 – Evergreen Pine Fronds

Ok, there’s A LOT of these so I figure it’s a good idea to get snacks: I recommend a mince pie or two! There’s loads of yarn for this one – I did an experiment, having realised that my tension is not actually in line with Kate’s, to see how much yarn I’d use using my regular tension … Continued

Advent 2019 – My wreath base cover thingy: or, Day 1!

I love the idea of making the wreath from the cardboard mailer!  True upcycling in action! In the book, Kate mentions sizes of wreath – 29cm for the outer ring and 19cm for the inner ring. I rummage in the cupboard and find a couple of pan lids.  Turns out I’m terrible at estimating and … Continued