Week 8 – Packing Up & Heading Home…until next time!

  So we are here!  The last week!  It’s gone so fast!  How’s it all looking?  Are you ready to get going on the border or are you still working on a previous week?  No matter, you’ll get there when you get there! And the prize for being the first to finish goes to…no one! … Continued

Week 7 – Reflections in the River…..

Hello again!  Can you believe we only have 2 weeks left!  How are all your bits of blanket coming on?  It’s lovely if you were able to keep up, but if not, don’t worry…there is no time limit.  You have the pattern, go at your own pace. We are making the flower square again here … Continued

Week 6 – Wrap Up in the Blanket

  Hello lovely picnickers! Welcome back. Here we are in week 6 and I have two words for you…Tunisian Entrelac!  Hurrah!  I know some people have loved this, some people not so much, but regardless, we are making 8 mini versions of the big square we did in week 1.  Now I did mine all … Continued

Week 4 – Time for a Drink!

Welcome back!  Week 4!  We are halfway through! How did the octopus wrestling go?  Have you now got a supercute mini blanket?  Let’s make more squares shall we? Starting with the ‘four leaf clover square’. The first couple of rounds aren’t going to give you any problems.  But here are a few pointers and guidelines … Continued

Week 3 – Walking along the riverbank and some Summer fruits…

Hello lovely picnicers/pick-nickers/pick knickers (how DO you spell that??), Have you got all the lovely squares we’ve made so far ready?  Well, this week we’re joining them all together!  By then end we will have a cute mini blanket and I have just a few tips that will hopefully make things a bit easier for … Continued

Week 2 – Flowers by the River…

  Hello again!  How did you get on with week 1?  Have you got a lovely gingham square and 8 basket weave rectangles done?  If you’re a bit behind, don’t give it a second thought. This is your cal, go at your pace. More importantly, how’s  your Yorkshire accent doing?!  Hope last weeks poem helped with that?!    This week we are … Continued

Week 1 – Off we go!

  So we’re off!  I’ve started before you so I can make ALL the mistakes, and you don’t have to!  I’m good like that!  Actually, Eleonora’s pattern is excellent and if you read it carefully you shouldn’t go wrong…I did go wrong but that was because I hadn’t read the pattern properly!  So that is … Continued