Advent 2020 Day 24 – Finishing the garland

Well, here we are on Day 24: the final day of our Victorian Christmas advent project. Have you had fun making it with us? I’ve really enjoyed working alongside you all and seeing your progress on Instagram and Facebook. Some of you raced ahead and finished long ago. That’s fine. Others reckon they’ll be lucky … Continued

Advent 2020 Day 23 – Making the Rope

See Good morning, Garlanders! Today we’re using the yarn from our Advent box to make a twisted rope. It’s a clever technique and one that our crochet box subscribers will be familiar with, as we used it for our duffel bags: I chose to make my yarn rope using the CREAM and BURGUNDY yarns. I … Continued

Advent 2020 Day 22 – Postbox continued…

Hello my loves, its our last day of crochet today 😢 but that means that we almost have all the elements needed for our Victorian Christmas garland 🥳🥳🥳🥳 We’re finishing off the 2 postboxes we started yesterday and we begin with some surface crochet decoration and a wee bit of sewing to add doors, info boards … Continued

Advent 2020 Day 21 – Post Box

Today we start making the last of the crochet elements for our Victorian Garland: an iconic piece of British Victorian history that’s still around today – the red post box. The launch of the Penny Post in 1840 opened up the postal service to pretty much everyone in Britain. As use of the system increased, the … Continued

Advent 2020 Day 20 – Pinecones continued…

Today is a non-crochet day for our Advent project. A day to make those 4 bobbly strips from yesterday… …into the most magnificent sparkly pinecones with a little bit of winding and a little bit of sewing. Starting from the widest end and making sure that the right side of your bobbles will be facing … Continued

Advent 2020 Day 19 – Pinecones

Its Day 19 of the Little Box of Crochet Victorian Christmas advent project and we’re making sparkly pinecones 💫 🌟 💫 🌟 Pinecones were used a lot as decorations in Victorian times in wreaths, table centrepieces, tree decorations and, of course, garlands. And remember those creepy weird Victorian Christmas cards we looked at on Day … Continued

Advent 2020 Day 18 – Rocking Horse

Welcome to Day 18, lovely LBC Garlanders, and to the rather fantastic news that we can finally stop making holly leaves! Today’s garland make is, hands down, my favourite element of this Victorian Christmas project: Dobbin the Rocking Horse. Our designer, Kate Eastwood of Just Pootling, is simply brilliant at these cute stand out pieces … Continued

Advent 2020 Day 17 – Small Holly Leaves and Berries

Hello my loves! After making 18 large holly leaves yesterday, I’m pretty sure that the pattern will be indelibly burnt on your brain! That’s handy because today’s pattern is the same 😃  The small holly leaves you need to make for Day 17 are made to the exact same pattern but with just one strand … Continued

Advent 2020 Day 16 – Large Holly Leaves

Victorians decorated their doorways. mantels and staircases with fresh boughs of greenery. Holly was – and still is today – the plant most commonly associated with Christmas. Today, we’re going to be making large holly leaves to decorate our garland. 18 of ’em, in fact. Our holly leaves will be worked in the fabulous AMAZON … Continued

Advent 2020 Day 15 – Envelopes

Today we’re hooking up a pile of Christmas cards in the form of 8 little stamped and addressed envelopes. The first Christmas card was commercially produced by Sir Henry Cole in 1843 but it wasn’t until the 1870s, and the introduction of the halfpenny stamp, that sending cards was affordable for almost everyone. Bizarrely, many of … Continued