Advent 2021 General Info – PLEASE READ FIRST!

Hello my loves! Welcome to the 2021 Little Box of Crochet advent project: our wonderful Woodland Santa. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been simply DESPERATE to get cracking on this project since Amanda first teased us with a Santa-ry glimpse waaaaay back in the Spring… This is the 4th advent project that Kate … Continued

Advent 2021 DAY 1 – CONE MAKING

“ All the world is happy when Santa Claus comes” Maud McKnight Lindsay   So your Advent 2021 box is here! I hope you’re as excited as Little Box of Crochet Brand Ambassador, Wilfie, is to receive it: Day 1 of our crochet project doesn’t actually involve any crochet at all but is instead a … Continued

Advent 2021 DAY 2 – HEAD

Today we start some actual crochet and we’re kicking off with Santa’s bonce. His noodle, his noggin, his loaf of bread. His head. We’re using the loveliest Rowan Summerlite DK in LINEN. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO GET THE TENSION RIGHT! Please make a tension square in this yarn as per Kate’s guidance in the … Continued

Advent 2021 DAYS 3 TO 5 – COAT AND FUR TRIM

TENSION Please make sure you’ve worked a tension square before you start: Using a 3mm hook, chain 24 and starting in the second chain from the hook, work 1dc in each chain to the end (23 sts), ch 1 and turn. Work 30 rows in total. Your finished swatch should measure 10x10cm. if It comes … Continued

Advent 2021 DAYS 6 AND 7 – HOOD AND FUR TRIM

The next two days of crochet are really, really simple. Using that gorgeous Felted Tweed in BARN RED again, we’re making the hood for Santa’s coat. It’s just a rectangle (folded in half so the two short sides meet), seamed together with double crochet and topped off with a fur trim (made with two strands … Continued


As we enter the second week of our advent project, we’ve got a fabulous new colour to work with and the SCARLET Felted Tweed is simply divine. We’re making a triangular insert to fit inside the coat, starting at the wider bottom and working up to a narrower top. This narrowing is achieved with decrease … Continued


Our Santa is going to look splendid in his completed tweedy brown coat, isn’t he? A red suit is more associated with American versions of Santa (an American cartoonist first depicted him in red in the 1870s) but our woodland – and, dare I say, more SOPHISTICATED – version, takes his clothing inspo from Europe … Continued

Advent 2021 DAY 11 – MITTENS

Oh, I’m just smitten with a mitten! And how impossibly cute are these little red fellas? Humans have used mittens for millennia: gloves found at the Egyptian Pyramids resemble mittens but the earliest properly identifiable mittens date around 1000AD in Latvia where mittens continue to be part of the national costume. Crocheted mittens went viral … Continued

Advent 2021 DAY 12 – BEARD

Time is measured in days, weeks and beards.   So, its Day 12, and I’m learning something brand new; the loopy loveliness of loop stitch! My goodness it creates the most beautiful beard you ever did see. Loop stitch isn’t hard but it’s a little fiddly till you get the knack so I’d suggest making … Continued

Advent 2021 DAY 13 – HAIR AND EYEBROWS

Today’s Santa hair will be a piece of cake after making the beard yesterday! We’re using 2 strands of yarn again to work alternate rows of double crochet and loop stitch, but today our piece is rectangular so no need to look out for increase and decrease stitches. If you’ve gone a bit loop stitch … Continued