A Trip to the Seaside: Ta-Da!

When Amanda announced the launch of this box way back in March, I was SO excited to get going on our Trip to the Seaside. Lockdown brought some unexpected challenges for my family and it’s really no exaggeration to say that this project has kept me going through some difficult times. I consider myself very … Continued

Days 29 and 30 – Finishing off the bunting

We’re nearing the end of our seaside trip, my loves! We only have today and tomorrow to go: days we’re going to spend finishing off our bunting. Shall we sit by the pier to do this? Let’s treat ourselves to one of those hot sugary doughnuts when we’ve finished for the day. Today I’m going … Continued

Days 27 and 28 – seagulls

I know that for many of you, Sidney the Seagull is the highlight of this project! We revealed him as one of our sneak peeks way back in the beginning of lockdown and he was such a hit with you all. We’re going to be making three Sidneys in total – or a Sidney, Steve … Continued

Day 26 – ice cream

After 18 years of living in a sleepy village, on the Essex/Suffolk border, an ice cream van has recently begun to visit for the first time. It might be down to the lack of fun in lockdown but it really felt like the most exciting thing to have happened here EVER. Is there a more … Continued

Day 25 – ice lollies

First off, an apology for 2 teeny typos in this pattern: Round 1: You start your ice lolly with a ch5 and not a ch7. Round 14: 1 decrease (dc2tog), 2dc all the way round. The photo below shows the stitch pattern for the correct starting chain of 5: The pattern is worked in continuous … Continued

Days 23 and 24 – bunting flags

So we’ve finished our wreaths now but don’t be too sad: today we’re starting our bunting flags and inching ever closer to our beloved Sidney the Seagull. I’m leaving Brighton today. I woke up early and crocheted while the kids slept, watching the dog walkers and the early morning swimmers on the beach from our … Continued

Days 21 and 22 – putting the last items on your wreath

Today, I’m writing from this beautiful room with a view! I’ve bought my kids to Brighton for a couple of days, primarily to explore Brighton University as an option for my daughter in 2021. What a delight it was to wake to the sound of the sea and many, many Sidney the Seagulls! Can you … Continued

Day 20 – Bucket and Spade

I know I keep saying this about our wreath elements but today’s makes are soooooo cute. Our little buckets and spades are a delight and are going to be the most amazing finishing touch to our seaside wreath. The pattern begins with a semi-circle bucket base (the flat side will sit against the wreath while … Continued

Day 19 – Fish

Today we’re making three fabulous little fishies to swim about our wavy sea alongside the starfish and Craig and Christine Crab. My first fish is made with PEA yarn. The pattern (which starts in the same way as the kites with a little triangle) works from the fishy head to his fishy tail: The decreases … Continued

Day 18 – Rockpool

Its Day 18 of our Trip to the Seaside and we’re going to have some fun rock pooling. When I was a kid, my favourite part of a beach day was rock-pooling with my dad. We’d spend hours exploring those pools at low tide, looking for crabs skulking under seaweed. Today’s pattern is just lovely. … Continued