Learn to Crochet: Book and Videos


Here, by popular demand, are the book and videos that are included in our beautiful Learn to Crochet box.

If you've not seen that one, click Beginners Box to have a look!

If you feel that you'd like to learn but that the box is not for you, well here's the solution! This lovely chunky book is packed full of tips and lessons and step-by-step photographs to help you get going.

We've made a series of videos to support the book as well so you'll have access to those as well.

You can put all the lessons you've learned into practice and make the lovely flag bunting to show off your new talent.

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You are purchasing the book and access to the videos, not the full kit.

Throughout the book we refer to yarn and other products that are included with the Beginners Box box but since this is the book/videos only, you’ll need your own supplies.

We have used Yarn and Colors Super Must Have yarn which is a 100% cotton yarn in 7 different colours.

We’ve used various sizes of crochet hook so would recommend you try whichever sizes you are comfortable with depending on the yarn you choose.

You’ll also need a darning needle, scissors and pins.


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